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Investment planning

Almost every investment includes some risk, which makes your risk tolerance an important part of our conversations: We want you to sleep at night, not toss and turn.

Your lifestyle decisions are an important factor in your investment strategy. We’ll talk, listen, and probably talk some more as you make decisions that will drive not only your investments but your estate planning as well.

Retirement Planning

The truth is that it’s never too soon, or too late, to begin planning. Your employer may provide a retirement plan; you may be an entrepreneur responsible for your own financial Golden Years; or you may have an inheritance. Whatever your situation, a plan is essential.

College Planning 

Saving for your childrens college education should be a goal. We can help.

Estate Planning

We will work with your attorney, or introduce you to estate planning attorneys if you do not already have one, so that you, not the probate courts, determine how your assets are distributed. We will also ensure that you have a Power of Attorney and guardians in place for your children if need be.

Tax Planning

Terry’s extensive tax background stems from her being a CPA who had her own practice for 22 years. She will assist you in managing the taxation of your portfolio. Additionally, we will work with your CPA as necessary.

Risk Management

Insurance is part of the THFG financial planning process as well. We’ll review your coverages – life, both permanent and term, and long term care – to help assure that your coverage is appropriate.

Suddenly Single

It could be a divorce, or the death of a spouse or partner. But when you’re suddenly on your own, the need to gather your financial resources and plan ahead changes. We’re experienced helping Suddenly Singles adjust.

Small Business

We act as consultants for small business owners. We assist them in managing the business from a tax and financial perspective to grow their net worth. We also assist in the transition of selling the business or bringing in the next generation.