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How are we different?

First of all, our breadth and depth of expertise set us apart. Terry Hannon is a financial advisor with decades of experience in investment, retirement, insurance and tax planning. Kevin fully licensed and has his CFP and has been working with and mentored by Terry in financial planning.

Terry and Kevin will work with your advisors as well as an outside team of strategic partners – including tax professionals, estate planning attorneys, life insurance professionals, and property and casualty agents – to help you achieve your financial goals.

Few financial advisors have the wealth of experience and education – and few have the interdisciplinary understanding to function as a "quarterback" for you – that Terry and Kevin do. As your quarterbacks, Terry and Kevin can match your interests and desires with a seasoned professional from our pre-screened list of advisors.

Secondly, THFG is guided by a personal philosophy of "giving back." It starts with our Chicago community – where they devote a substantial amount of time to pro bono work and to charities – and this extends to their work colleagues and clients.

So, when we say that we truly care about you and want to help you achieve your life’s dreams – whatever they may be – we mean it. Just ask our clients. In fact, many of them tell us that, since day one, they’ve felt part of the THFG family. We don’t think you can find that anywhere else.

If your life is busy and you need assistance in determining your financial objectives and then creating and implementing a customized plan to reach them, we invite you to experience the The Hannon Financial Group difference.

The value of independent, objective advice

Because we have no proprietary investment products to recommend and no vested interest in promoting a particular product or service, The Hannon Financial Group is able to provide you with unbiased advice and guidance based solely on your needs and goals. Our only interest is that your investment program meets your financial objectives.